Chandelier & Mirror Cleaning Atlanta

While providing window cleaning, pressure washing, and other residential services, we also provide chandelier cleaning and mirror cleaning services. 
Mirror cleaning in Atlanta is a great way to spruce up the appearance of a home gym or other type of mirror wall.

We can effectively access and clean a variety of light fixtures, and also replace the light bulbs in hard to reach ceiling lights.  Our chandelier and Mirror cleaning services in Atlanta are professional and affordable.


We have a broad range of experience in cleaning chandeliers and Mirrors.  We have cleaned all types of chandeliers from antique brass chandelier cleaning, and other antique types of chandeliers to bathroom lighting fixtures, we can clean any type of light fixtures. Considerable amounts of time and effort go into cleaning antique crystal chandeliers.  We hand clean each crystal with a special solution designed to repel dust. 


We can also clean metallic chandeliers in Atlanta. We hand polish brass chandeliers in order to provide high quality brass chandelier cleaning.  Additionally, we have experience in cleaning bronze chandeliers, wrought iron, and iron chandeliers.


We provide professional services for a variety of light bulb replacement services for bath lighting fixtures and all kinds bathroom lighting.  We are often asked to replace light bulbs in ceiling fixtures and all types of ceiling light and ceiling lighting fixtures.  We know that ceiling lights are very precarious to access, and exercise extreme caution while doing so.  Exterior lighting is not exempt from requiring replacement bulbs.  We can replace the bulbs in track lighting and all different kinds of wall lighting and wall sconces.


We know that you have a choice when selecting a chandelier cleaning company to provide you with professional chandelier cleaning services.  That is why we take pride in hand cleaning chandelier prisms and chandelier crystal.  Chandelier glass gets dusty and presents a dull appearance over time.  Our chandelier cleaning services drastically improve the appearances of the chandelier and you will love having a crystal clean chandelier.  Crystal chandelier cleaning is a great service to have performed prior to having dinner parties and holiday get together. 


Cleaning chandelier crystals is often the most time consuming part of cleaning a chandelier.  Cleaning crystal chandeliers takes patience and perseverance, but there is no greater beauty than a shimmering clean crystal chandelier, lighting up a room after it has just been cleaned.


When cleaning a chandelier it is important to replace the chandelier lights.  Contemporary chandelier light bulbs only last for a short while, and the brilliance of the chandelier diminishes when bulbs go out. We recommend chandelier lamp replacement any time we are accessing the chandelier glass for chandelier cleaning services.


Whether you need a dining room chandelier cleaned or exterior lighting fixtures cleaned, we can provide cleaning and light bulb replacement to meet any need.  We also provide cleaning and bulb replacement for commercial lighting and commercial light fixtures.  We provide exterior lighting cleaning services and interior foyer lighting cleaning and light bulb replacement services.


Our chandelier cleaning services can be performed on a large chandelier. We have cleaned large chandeliers in country clubs, banquet halls, and other venues.  Light fixture cleaning is an important part of property maintenance for these types of venues since the light fixtures can attract unwanted attention if they are dirty or the lights don’t work properly on the interior lighting fixtures.


The dining room chandelier is by far the most impressive of all of the dining room light fixtures.  Due to it’s proximity to guests during dinner, it is observed more closely than other fixtures like

foyer chandeliers.  While it doesn’t get as dirty as typical glass chandeliers as quickly, it is an integral part to home lighting.


Kitchen lighting also plays an important role in entertaining guests.  It is important to make sure all of the bulbs work in your kitchen lights, and our professional light bulb replacement services can help. Another form of popular lights in the kitchen are track lighting. These often have special bulbs, which if touched by the oil on skin, will immediately explode when turned on.


We want to be your chandelier cleaning company of choice.  Call us today for a no cost, no obligation proposal. 

"Chandelier & Mirror Cleaning Atlanta"